Security and Privacy

in Full Synergy

Prevention have become the world's first priority and challenge.

For this reason, we are surrounded by systems that follow us, analyze our movements, intercept our phones and pass the information to different authorities and groups.In a world where human movement is being constantly tracked and monitored, our notion of privacy has been jeopardized. When everyone is a suspect until proven guilty, it is imperative to utilize solutions that can reclaim people’s privacy while providing the highest standards of security.

i-OnTop was designed to fix this issue.

A dynamic security system that can be tailored to your organizations security needs, i-OnTop only gathers and shares information on identified criminals, making it an effective, but privacy conscious solution.

Security Impact

Multiple Applications and Sensors
Multi-Tenant Secured Technology 
Local Decision Making for Privacy Respect
Plug & Play fully Independent Solution

i-OnTop is a SMART security system that provides a VARIETY of solutions based on one or several operational needs.

i-OnTop continuously develops new solutions  to keep your security capabilities up to date.

i-OnTop is a smart system that keeps up with the technology evolution.

Smart Systems
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