CODIV-19 will continue to surround us in the foreseeable future and will maintain a formidable and costly impact on the public and corporate environments.

With regulations that require temperature verification at public/employee/student entrances for businesses to re-open it is imperative to have an effective solution.

The current temperature handheld solutions require costly additional staffing while preventing traffic flow and creating bottlenecks.

                   will help you fight the outbreak with minimum interference to the freedom of movement. You could manually verify with IR thermometer only suspected persons. Eliminate backed up lines to enable social distancing.

Plug and Play: Intuitive system requires minimal training.

The benefits of the I-On Temp system could justify the expense within the first month of use.

Place I-OnTemp unit is placed in any public or employee entrance. No installation effort is required.

A quick tutorial allows for any attendant’s ease of use.

Configure and calibrate system with required notification temperature

Public can walk freely through the entrance without delay.

I-On Temp sends an Immediate simultaneous visual and audio warnings to the attendant when temperature exceeds pre-defined settings.

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